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New Flat: Why You Should Not Hire Carpenters and Other Workmen For Renovation.

By Shrradha Tewari

Why do you order for a mineral water bottle when you are out with your family for an outing. Water is free everywhere, but still you spend money to buy safe drinking water. This is because the health and well being of your family is of utmost importance. No compromises when it comes to ensuring safety and longevity of your loved ones. You don’t buy air conditioners, fridges and other electronic products which come with no guarantee / warranty.

So why handover your dream home renovation to semiskilled workmen and vendors who may disappear when you would require them the most. You spent a bomb to buy your new flat. I am sure a lot of sacrifices were made by you and your family to ensure you pay exorbitant EMIs on time. Now after a lot of sleepless nights and stress the builder has finally given you the keys of your dream home. Now don’t fall again in a trap by giving the very serious and important task of makeover of your home to unverified laborers or vendors. Your imagination and expectation may go awry. so beware!

The only singularly prime reason why many flat owners hire unorganized workmen is to SAVE MONEY. Every human being want goods and services that is cost-effective and affordable. We all earn money by putting in a lot of hard work so why spend our hard earned money foolishly. But essential expenditure on meaningful and worthwhile process is not waste of money. Coz you are not going to live in your new home for a few days. It’s your permanent abode and it should give you the comfort of residing in it with peace of mind and hassle free day-to-day life. For this you don’t have to spend a bomb, only by shelling out a little bit more (sometimes even equal or less) you can hire experts who know how to execute work. A wise decision now can ensure you lead a stress free life without running around every now and then to get the shabby and problem inviting work done by non-expert workmen.

Trust me nobody thinks of future while handing over the serious business of renovation to local labors. Experts are Experts and everybody knows that. Even you get handsome salaries or earn good money from your business because you are an Expert in your field and your priceless knowledge and know how makes a big difference.

With changing times even the industry of interior design has evolved. Gone are the days when you only had expensive interior designers around and needed fat wallets to afford their services. The modern start up era is giving space to young, dynamic entrepreneurs and companies who are experts in the field and have a passion to make a mark for themselves. Their solutions are devised in a way that makes their process Cost Effective, Reliable and Innovative all designed in a smart way to ensure quality, ease of living and longevity.

Homesmitth is one such option that can be your friend and a guide to ensure you live in a happy home. Our expert team comprises of passionate workaholic professionals whose sole aim is to create smart modern and beautiful homes. Here is why we are different and honest towards our work.

Workmen Vs Homesmitth




Raw Materials

As per the prevalent industry practice they may use first copy
and duplicate materials which is hard to differentiate.

We use only original material as per agreed brands and specifications.

Guarantee/ Warrantee

No written confirmation. Once any problem occurs you would never be able to find them or call them on time.

Since we use quality and tested materials that come with guaranteed We extend guarantee/ Warranty for our executed work


No written confirmation.

Free of cost 6 month after service, part of our process.

Expert Visualization

No visualization, No drawings, No end product.

We work by providing 2D / 3D drawings prepared by qualified architects.

Design Gallery

No PPT or design books to show options.

Customized design book for every element so that you can choose latest and exclusive options that suits your taste.

Site Supervisor

No accountability as they are on their own without any restriction and compliance.

Dedicated Supervisor to ensure work is executed with responsibility and as per drawings and agreed materials.


Can be shabby and below your expectation a big put off coz of huge money spent.

Immaculate finishing, We don’t leave till we are satisfied and our client is happy.


Not accountable for their mistakes, rectification costs you extra.

We work on approved drawings, we correct our mistakes if any without additional cost.

Cost Estimation

Always shoots up coz they do not know how to take out exact costing.

We factor exact cost without any escalation unless new work is added by the client.

Project Cost

Fractured, Keeps Increasing, Budget Planning goes awry.

In one go with all fine details.



Pegged at standard 20% as our SOP model is fixed at this, to provide cost effective solution.

Now that the picture is clear as chalk and cheese, be wise and don’t ever fall in trap and entrust your renovation work to just any walking vendor or workmen. When you can afford cheese why waste time on chalks. We will be happy to help you create your dream home and make it the most beautiful in your society.

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