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New Flat: Why Proper Wiring Is A Necessity That Should Not Be Overlooked.

By Shrradha Tewari

Renovation of your new flat / home is not only about beautiful interiors. Like you plan aesthetics for every corner of the house so that it looks picturesque, similarly certain backend technical elements should be given equal importance to ensure the beautiful space that you have created offers you the joy of seamless living.

Don’t ignore the installation and fixing of wiring at the initial stage of renovation coz the pain it can cause later will not only give you sleepless nights but the correction can lead to unwanted and exorbitant expenditure. To create appealing interiors, every designer conceals wiring coz they diminish visual appearance. The concealed wiring of your home runs deep into the walls and false ceilings of all the rooms. God forbid; but have you ever thought what if they develop a snag in the future.

Repair process will require ripping them apart from the expensive false ceiling and walls with fancy wallpapers or other elements used to magnify appearance. Frightening isn’t it. But don’t worry if the wiring process is not compromised and fixed under the supervision of experts, this big problem can be mitigated for once and all.

Factors to be kept in mind before wiring installation begins

- Don’t just trust any roadside electrician without any proper credential

- Ensure wiring plan is prepared by expert wiring planners

- Use standardized and branded wires that are reliable and comes with proper industry certification

- Wherever concealed wiring is used ensure there are no joints and the whole wiring installation is executed in one single length without cuts and joints

At Homesmitth while planning beautiful interiors we pay equal attention to every minute details related to all technical execution. We have in-house trained electricians led by experts who come with years of experience. We do every work in a way so that you and your family can lead a comfortable and stress free life in your new home after we leave following completion. You might still think our services will be expensive and out of your budget, but the reality is we are cost effective and our solutions are designed keeping in mind the customers who reside in flats. We are specialist of doing interiors of flats in high-rises so being cost effective is the soul of our business planning.

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