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New Flat: Why False Ceiling & Paint Shouldn’t Be Done Before Mitigating The Risk Of Future Seepage.

By Shrradha Tewari

New Flat offer risks and challenges that can’t be seen with our naked eyes. What we don’t see, we don’t consider. But that does not mean the problem does not exist. Renovation is not only about beautiful beds, swanky sofas and alluring aesthetics. It is also about identifying and mitigating risks and hazards that may decompose all your outstanding creation.

Flats in new societies offers one major setback; ‘SEEPAGE’. The word itself is alarming coz we all know what it means but sometimes ignore it thinking new houses do not develop seepage. Builders do not just build single units. So many flats in so many towers. Possession of almost all the societies in every city is delayed beyond years. With passage of time few or more units in every tower situated in the complex becomes prone to SEEPAGE.

Seepage is like parasites they slowly spread and go unnoticeable unless they multiply into a larger problem. Everyone spends a lot of money for renovation of new flats before they become livable. But few do a prospective risk analysis to ensure that the money spent on interiors does not go in vain coz the monster called ‘SEEPAGE’ can come calling in the future to cause havoc.

Before painting your walls with expensive emulsions in your favorite color, or pasting costly designer wallpapers on them or spending money on trendy false ceilings and wooden fixtures, it is important for you to mitigate the future risk of SEEPAGE. If you don’t consider this than be ready to spend double the amount to get back all that you created with your hard earned money, coz SEEPAGE can infect all of it beyond any repair and leave it untenable.

At Homesmitth we carefully do a health checkup of every possible corner susceptible to SEEPAGE and if there are risks, we offer advise and permanent solution to mitigate it altogether. Only after this process we begin application of expensive renovation process. We know how hard you work to earn and save money. We do not want you to waste it on renovation of the same area twice. Careful Planning before hand can cut out future headache and extra money.

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